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Man sentenced to six months in ‘Sex on the Square’ escapade

Man sentenced to six months in 'Sex on the Square' escapade
David Alan Bobilya

The man involved in the now-infamous “Sex on the Square” incident has been sentenced to six months in jail as a result of the illicit tryst.

David Alan Bobilya, 49, of Summerfield was sentenced in Sumter County Court on Wednesday by Judge Thomas D. Skidmore.

Bobilya had been charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct in connection with the June 2 incident at Lake Sumter Landing Market Square.

Bobilya and Margaret Klemm, 68, of The Villages were arrested after being discovered that night at about 10:30 p.m. undressed and engaged in sex on stage at the square. They were arrested by a Sumter County sheriff’s deputy.

In court Wednesday, Bobilya was sentenced to 180 days on the indecent exposure charge and 60 days on the disorderly conduct charge. The sentences will run concurrently. He was also sentenced to 12 months probation. He was fined $253 and will have to pay $50 for each day of his incarceration.

Margaret Klemm
Margaret Klemm

Klemm, of the Village of Pennecamp, had originally been arrested in April on a driving under the influence charge. She had been operating a golf cart on Old Camp Road in Lake Sumter Landing at the time of that arrest.

Klemm had appeared in court on May 30 and the original charge of DUI had been reduced to reckless driving. She was placed on probation.

On June 2, she was arrested on charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct in the much-discussed event at Lake Sumter Landing. She subsequently turned herself in on a probation violation stemming from the April incident.

On June 12 in Sumter County Court, Klemm entered a plea of not guilty to the new charges and requested a trial by jury.

However, her attorney said last month he believes his client will be cleared.

“I am confident in the ultimate outcome of the case,” attorney Joseph Indelicato said.


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