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Casting decisions unveiled for  ‘Man of La Mancha,’ ‘Crazy for You’

Sue Schuler and Carter Proust
Sue Schuler and Carter Poust

A former Las Vegas dancer and a Broadway stage veteran have landed starring roles in the two major, musical productions next season in The Villages.

Carter Poust, who spent nearly a decade in Las Vegas as a professional dancer, will play the lead role of Bobby Childs in “Crazy For You.” The musical is directed by Bill Davis with a cast of about 50 people – including Sue Schuler in the leading female role of Polly — and will be presented in April.

The casts for both shows were just announced.

Alex Santoriello
Alex Santoriello

Alex Santoriello, who appeared in Broadway productions of “Les Miserables” and “Chess,” will play Don Quixote in “Man of La Mancha,” next March. Dawn DiNome will be the female lead of Aldonza. Sam Rosalsky  plays Sancho Panza.

The shows will be presented at the Savannah Center.

Santoriello, 58, who also produced a play on Broadway and appeared in numerous national touring companies, is a seasoned pro who has played Quixote in the past.

“It’s a great role and I’m looking forward to it,” said Santoriello, who moved to The Villages in the past year.

Dawn DiNome
Dawn DiNome

He impressed Director George Del Monte and Producer Joan Knapton with his audition last week.

Poust had a dancing career in New York and Las Vegas. He is a member of Actor’s Equity who moved to The Villages a couple of years ago.

“For me, this is a fabulous opportunity,” Poust said. He ran a hotel until coming to The Villages in 2013. “My career is like one big circle; now I’m starting all over again,” he said. “I’m having a blast and I love working with so many talented people in The Villages.”

To see and hear Santoriello sing “The Impossible Dream” go to: https://www.facebook.com/TheVillagesNews

In addition to his role in “Crazy For You,” Poust will also have the lead role in “Company,” in October. “I’m very busy right now,” he said. “I spend all my time studying scripts.”

“Crazy For You,” features the music of George and Ira Gershwin.

“It’s a big dance show, and incorporates tap, jazz, and even a waltz,” said Director Bill Davis. “Helene Yelverton has agreed to choreograph the show and we will take full advantage of the lively and marvelous score with a full orchestra under the direction of Jean Butler.

“My goal for the show is to present a better than anyone expects production that incorporates all the aspects of a big Broadway show with great acting, singing and dancing. And I want everyone involved to have a lot of fun.”

The cast of named characters in “Crazy For You”: Carter Poust, Sue Schuler, Jack Filkins, Bill Krone, Tony Oteri, Janet Maloney, Linda Berthiaume, Kathy Chelsey-Williams, Bob Brandoni, Patti Card, Gerry Sherman, Paul Young, Marty Butler, Cathye Leshay and Cyndy Shackles. It also includes dancers, and a female and male chorus.
The cast for “Man of La Mancha”: Alex Santoriello, Dawn DiNome, Sam Rosalsky, Dave Olsen, Howard Kirschenbaum, Ed Slivken, Vic Stevens, Bob Petrucelli, John Turner, Jim Flynn, Michele Topolnicki, Vanita Turner, Mia Reeves, Billie Thatcher, Tim Casey, Steve Rubin, Otto Canis, Laurie Scheben, Lee Beery, Barb Pearson, Ralph Dowell, Joan Teets and Vanessa Russell.


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