Actress Megan Boone has something to say about Hurricane Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey claimed 30 lives and inflicted countless dollars of damage on Houston and the surrounding area, actress Megan Boone weighed in.

Boone, daughter of Villages VP Jennifer Parr and granddaughter of the late Gary Morse, is becoming as well known for her environmental activism as for her starring role on NBC’s “The Blacklist.”

During the height of Harvey, she Tweeted, “I continue to be dismayed by #Harvey and hope we can come together with Texans in the #climate movement to halt this unnecessary suffering.”

Megan Boone Tweet about Harvey

Nearly 10,000 rescues have been performed in Houston by the police, fire and sheriff’s departments. Many of those people have been staying in shelters.

Speaking at a rally earlier this year, Boone admitted she had been apathetic about climate change until the birth last year of her daughter, Caroline. After the birth of her daughter, Boone introduced a line of baby clothes with sustainability in mind.

Boone recently revealed that she is working toward an MBA in sustainability at Bard College. 

Donkeys and cattle are herded through a Houston neighborhood.
Donkeys and cattle are herded through a Houston neighborhood.