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Enthusiasm for President Trump rides high in event at Colony Cottage Recreation Center

Nearly 300 people showed up for the first meeting of Villagers for Trump Monday night at Colony Cottage Recreation Center.

Behind-the-scenes preparations to organize the group became evident in the committee reports. The agenda included several speakers including headliner Wayne Morrow of the John Birch Society.

Villager Don Eaton, head of the Action Committee invited people to join his committee in an effort to “mobilize boots on the ground for activism.”

Action committee member Donna Hoak and committee chairperson Don Eaton.

He and Donna Hoak have organized a Trump sign-waving event at 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11 at the intersection of County Road 466 and Morse Boulevard.

Head of the Elections committee Jack Pritchard also invited people to join his committee.

“We will be vetting the candidates you will be voting on from local school boards to governor to U.S. Congress,” said Pritchard.

Host of the meeting David Gee said while introducing Bishop Samuel Cotto, “Donald Trump touched my heart when he said it is time for churches to be involved in the political process.”

As head of the church committee, Cotto will be contacting area churches to get them involved.

John Calandro, chairman of the Sumter County Republican Executive committee, spoke to the group.

“The road to the White House goes through Florida. We have to do it again in 2020. It is also very important that we work together in 2018,” he said.

David Gee and Walter Price, Chairman of the Lake County Republican Executive Committee

Chairman of the Lake County Republican Executive Committee Walter Price relayed a comment from Vice President Pence made during a shared dinner recently.

“He said that Democrats equal resist and Republicans equal results,” said Price who went on to list many of Trumps accomplishments thus far saying, “He has signed more bills than any other president in U.S. history.”

Citing facts and figures regarding illegal border immigration and new jobs, he encouraged people to go to www.conservapedia.com to check the facts.

Morrow’s power point presentation, Are we Draining the Swamp Yet?, looked at all of Trump’s appointees individually. He also warned the audience to be aware that the Electoral College is in jeopardy.

Rich Senseny with Darcel and Mary Tolle

Village of Charlotte residents Darcel and Mary Tolle and Sabal Chase resident Rich Senseny were very excited about this new organization. They were all Trump supporters from the beginning. Village of Gilchrist residents Bob and Jan Mason are long time Trump fans.

“I read his books and used his ideas in business back in Wisconsin,” said Bob. “I think he is very intelligent and he keeps his promises.”

Membership in Villagers for Trump is open to the community; you do not have to be a Villager to join. The next meeting is Jan. 18 at La Hacienda Recreation Center. Meetings in 2018 will rotate among the recreation centers. For more information about the organization, go to www.villagersfortrump.org

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