Sinkholes, hurricane, road work push CDD 4 toward 20 percent hike in maintenance assessments

Facing steep costs for hurricane recovery, sinkholes and road repairs, Community Development District 4 supervisors voted for a 20 percent increase in next year’s maintenance assessments for residents.

Budget Director Barbara Kays had put together scenarios for no increase and a 10 percent increase.

However, after hearing a sobering assessment of costs associated with repairs for sinkholes in the Village of Calumet Grove, CDD 4 Supervisor Don Deakin on Friday afternoon recommended a 20 percent increase.

In addition to nearly $600,000 for sinkhole repairs, CDD 4 is facing Hurricane Irma cleanup expenses with no assurance of if or when reimbursement will be received from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In addition, road repair costs are expected to increase due to a rise in the price of oil.

Supervisors are nervous about depleting CDD 4’s reserve funds.

“We are trying to do the best we can for the residents. We’ve got a million-dollar bogey behind us,” said CDD 4 Chairman Paul Kelly.

Final budget approval will take place in September. The board of supervisors will have the opportunity to reduce the increase from 20 percent. The board had to make a decision on the preliminary budget at Friday’s meeting. In September, the board can lower the increase, but cannot raise it above 20 percent.

“I don’t want to tie our hands behind our backs,” Deakin said.

Residents in the audience encouraged the board to move forward with the 20 percent increase.

“It makes sense to go higher, knowing you can go lower,” said Janet Bassett of the Village of Springdale.

The following link to a document prepared by the budget director shows what CDD 4 residents could expect to pay if a 10 percent increase had been approved. Remember, it is for a 10 percent increase, so double the number to calculate what you would pay if you are a CDD 4 resident and the 20 percent hike is ultimately approved. June_Proposed_Agenda_packet_10%