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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

‘Damsel’ a dark spoof from start to finish

Jack Petro
Jack Petro

The title tells it all in “Damsel.” It is a Western takeoff on melodramas where the damsel (a young beautiful woman) is tied to the railroad tracks by a caped villain. A rescue is performed at the last moment by a handsome male stranger.

The action here starts with an the absolute ‘giveaway’ as the heroine Penelope (Mia Wasihowski) points a double-barreled shot gun, its barrel twisted in a 30 degree bend.

Penelope’s mistaken admirer Sam Alabaster thinks that the two are destined to become lovers and wed. He believes that she wants a miniature white pony which he strings along as a wedding gift throughout the story.

Penelope’s true love and husband is brutally murdered, but nothing changes for anyone.  This film is a dark spoof from start to finish.  I cannot recommend this film. Grade D at best. Now showing at the Rialto Theater in The Villages.

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