Villages offers reminders about campaigning as primary approaches followed by November election

With a primary election approaching at the end of this month and a hotly contested race for the U.S. Senate to be determined in November, the Villages District Office is reminding residents about the rules for campaigning here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

“Each election period raises questions about allowable campaign activities within the Village Community Development Districts,” District Manager Richard Baier wrote in a memo this week.

Here are details from the memo:


• As it relates to political signage, the Declaration of Restrictions provide that no exterior signs will be permitted without the express written consent of the Developer. The Developer has provided consent for properties north of County Road 466 for the placement of one professionally prepared sign not exceeding 24 inches by 24 inches affixed to an exterior window of a residence.

• Signs may not be affixed to the exterior walls of District-owned property.

• Signs may be affixed to golf carts or Low Speed Vehicles or held by candidates or their supporters.

• Signs may not be placed on District property. Signs placed on District property will be removed. The District is not liable for return of the signs removed.

Putting a sign on your golf cart is the tried and true way to show your support for a candidate in The Villages.

Election Day Polling Places

• All activity at any polling place shall be in accordance with the interpretation of state statute or local ordinance by the applicable supervisor of elections. The supervisor of elections is the entity to interpret the statutes and local ordinances.

• On any District property, persons in support of candidates or issues shall not interfere with any member of the public accessing/using District property or voters attempting to enter a polling place located on District property.

Community Development District Public Facilities

• Candidates and their supporters are allowed to stand on the exterior of District owned facility property (i.e. postal facilities, recreation centers and at public events) in compliance with the rules of the District.

• Candidates and their supporters are not allowed to interfere with persons attempting to access District facilities and activities.

• Candidates and their supporters are not allowed to implant or affix, in any way, any signage at these facilities. Signs may be affixed to golf carts, Low Speed Vehicles or held by candidates or their supporters.