AAC ready to establish priorities after closing on church property

The Amenity Authority Committee is going to schedule a workshop to discuss priorities for upcoming projects.

After years of bargaining and negotiations, the AAC on Sept. 6 closed on the former home of the First Baptist Church on County Road 42. The $2 million purchase includes 18 acres of property.

The AAC will be seeking input from residents about what type of amenities they would like to see at the new facility.

The former home of the First Baptist Church.

AAC member Ann Forrester said she wanted to see the AAC hold a workshop to discuss the future.

“I don’t want to get to far into a project until we have a chance to prioritize all the needs we have north of 466,” Forrester said. “I don’t want to be diving in too deep, too fast.”

Other projects on the horizon include a rebuild of the Paradise Recreation Center on the Historic Side of The Villages.

Recreation District Director John Rohan said his department would be taking “a strategic approach” to gathering information as it has in the past.

“We have received a lot of information from the beginning and we have that all on file,” Rohan said. “It’s almost like Christmas. We’re getting excited.”

The date for the workshop has not yet been determined.