Children living in The Villages prompt call for action by the Developer

News of an 8-year-old child living in The Villages prompted a call for action by the Developer.

The 8-year-old living with his 41-year-old mother on the Historic Side of The Villages was raised Wednesday by Amenity Authority Committee member John Wilcox. That case, in which an 82-year-old Villager has been barred from his own home, has been a source of keen interest.

“I am really concerned about why nothing can be done, ‘Because it’s a Developer issue,’” Wilcox told his fellow AAC members.

Wilcox’s frustration was obvious.

He also referenced a 17-year-old living in the Village of Summerhill who reportedly peeps in windows and has exposed himself to women.

“We need to put the Developer on notice that this issue has been raised and we expect something to be done. And we need to request the Developer give an update so we can report back to the residents,” said Village of Piedmont resident Mark Hayes, who is running unopposed for a supervisor’s seat in Community Development District 4.

Having a child under the age of 19 permanently living in a home in The Villages is a violation of an internal deed restriction overseen by the Developer.

District officials noted The Villages’ point person for the enforcement of internal deed restrictions involving children is Martin Dzuro, who may be reached at (352) 753-6260.

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