‘She Loves Me’ a seasonal musical sensation at Tavares Community Theater

“She Loves Me” is a seasonal musical sensation at Tavares Community Theater. A musical treat that takes place circa mid 1930s in “Maraczek’s Parfumerie” in Budapest. A shop where customers have individual sales persons. A position opens and Miss Balish (Casandra Small) cons her way into being hired as a sales person. Mr. Nowack (Jared Wells) is the shop manager, and has the wrath of Mr. Maraczak (Ken Anders).

The cast of “She Loves Me.”

Mr. Kodaly (Rick Breese) is a lady’s man and hits on several women while Mr. Sipos (Logan Blake) just goes with the flow. Mr. Nowack has been corresponding with a a woman from a newspaper ad but doesn’t know who she is. Miss Balish is the recipient and answers the letters also not knowing who the man is. ( Guess who are the writers)  In the store the chemistry of Baldish and Nowack  is obvious and the rift between Nowack and Maraczak finally comes to a head. Does all’s well that end’s well happen? This is a must see production and  the outcome has a few surprises. The  soloists and ensemble are top shelf along with the choreography on a limited stage. Kudos to the stage designer for adapting this multi scene production which has a street scene, shop interior, apartment, and hospital, all with the aid of a rotating stage. The director (Marla Gigeos) has hit the mark with casting.

The play runs through Dec.16 and is one not to be missed.

Tickets available at  tavarestheater.org.

Villager Don Simson reviews local theater for Villages-News.com