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Frankie Brin Financial 74’s wins FHC State Championship

Frankie Brin Financial (FBF) 74s traveled to Auburndale Softball Sports Complex, Auburndale FL. to participate in the FHCASA State Championship Tournament. The team went 3-1 while playing in the 74+ Division. The 3-team bracket was made up of FBF, Chadwell Supply, and Lakeland 74s.

In the 1st game on Saturday, FBF lost 15-7 to Chadwell Supply. FBF got off to an extremely slow start only scoring 1 run in 4 innings. A second run was scored in the 5th inning, and 5 runs were scored in the 6th.

In the 2nd game, FBF won 11-4 over Lakeland 74s. Prior to the 2nd game Lakeland 74s won over Chadwell Supply 19-7. Each of the 3 teams had a 1-1 record. FBF realized that they must win 2 games on Sunday for the Championship.

On Sunday, FBF won 17-6 over Lakeland 74s. Once again, FBF came out slow only scoring 2 runs in 3 innings, then scored 5 runs in each of the next 3 innings. The next game would be played for the Championship. FBF won over Chadwell Supply 12-4. Both teams came out slow with the score being 3-2 in FBF favor in the middle of the 5th inning. FBF came alive in the bottom of the 5th to score 5 runs and 4 runs in the 6th inning. Both teams played excellent defense throughout the tournament.

John Ramage and Dewey McVicker shared the pitching duties with John pitching on Saturday and Dewey on Sunday giving only 10 runs in two games. Since we only had 11 players on Sunday, John played left field.

FBF 74’s FHC 2018 State Champions:
Front Row – Frank Murth, Tom McGann, Roger Scott, Don Borie, Rod Severson.
Back Row – Carl McWilliams, Dave Mamuscia, John Ramage, Dewey McVicker, Dick Kanyan, Mgr. Bob Fuhst, and Gregg Foster.
Not pictured: Paul Duda, Frenchie LeTan and Gerry Matteson.

Mgr. Bob Fuhst stated that this was a total team effort. With only 12 players on Saturday, and 11 players on Sunday, many of the players did double duty running for other players as well as for themselves. “I’m extremely proud of our team and how they scratched and clawed throughout the tournament.” That sentiment was also conveyed by GM Frenchie LeTan who was not able to attend the games on Sunday.

It was heard from the dugout (Dave Mamuscia) that this was the most gratifying tournament win ever.

Leading hitters for Frankie Brin Financial: Dick Kanyan (.769), Carl McWilliams (.769) 2B (3), Dewey McVicker (.769), & John Ramage (.769) 2B (2), Roger Scott (.733), Gregg Foster (.692) 2B, 3B (2), Rod Severson (.533) 2B (2), 3B, ITP HR, and Don Borie (500). Other team members were Dave Mamuscia 2B (2), 3B, Tom McGann 2B, 3B, Frank Murth, and Paul Duda.

Spokesperson Dick Kanyan stated that the team members would like to thank Mgr. Bob Fuhst, Base Coach Gerry Matteson, GM Frenchie LeTan and Sponsor Frankie Brin for their support in making the FBF 74+ team a Champion.

In 2019 FBF will also be sponsoring a 79+ team. Several of the players, and managers will be moving up to the 79+ to include Bob Fuhst, Dewey McVicker, Don Borie, Frank Murth, and Jerry Mathison.

We would like to express our appreciation for all that they have done for the FBF 74s, and wish them the best of luck with their new challenge. We would also like to welcome the new players that will be joining FBF 74+ team in January: Bob Buchanan, Ralph Hollis, Dave Sellars, Carter Honkonen, Ed Krisha, Jim Greco, Bob Juhaszr, and Al Mahar.

Managers for 2019 Frankie Brin Financial: Linwood Manning 70s, Dick Kanyan and Dave Mamuscia 74s, and Dick Ostrowski 79s.

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