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Villagers for Trump set to hold ‘Build the Wall’ golf cart rally

Villagers For Trump is preparing to host a “Build the Wall” Republican Golf Cart Parade.

The event, designed to show support for the president’s effort to build a wall along the border of the United States and Mexico to help combat illegal immigration, will be held Saturday, Jan. 12. Carts are to begin lining up at 3:30 p.m. in the Barnes & Noble parking lot at Lake Sumter Landing, with the parade getting under way 30 minutes later.

David Gee, right, founder of Villagers for Trump, and his wife, Lynette, take part in an October parade that included 383 golf carts and about 800 people showing their support for the president and the slate of GOP candidates running in the Nov. 6 general election.

Known as the “Trump Train,” the golf carts will follow a route through Lake Sumter Landing to Spanish Springs Town Square and back. All Trump supporters, including snowbirds and those who aren’t members of Villagers for Trump, are encouraged to participate.

Everyone taking part in the event is being asked to wear red or club shirts and to decorate golf carts with plenty of signs and flags. Signs also will be available for sale. For more information, visit villagersfortrump.org.

Sue Cianci, head of the Villagers for Trump Action Committee, leads the way through Lake Sumter Landing in the ‘Red Wave’ golf cart during an August parade.

Members of Villagers for Trump have held several successful golf cart rallies recently. In October, a contingent of 383 golf carts and about 800 people turned out to show their support for Republican candidates running in the November election. In August, they staged a rousing ‘Red Wave’ rally with horn-honking golf carts traveling through Lake Sumter Landing and Spanish Springs Town Square. And in March, 60 carts roared through Florida’s Friendliest Hometown with participants sporting signs and American flags to show their support for the president.

Top: Mary and Bill Lefferts, of the Village of Liberty Park, pose with their Trump-themed golf cart before an October Villagers for Trump parade. Bottom, from left: Villagers Henrietta Amey and her brother, Bob Kloosterman. Members of the Filipino-American Club show their support for President Trump. Mary and Bill Hoffman, of the Village of Woodbury.

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