Performance groups want to know intentions of The Villages Entertainment Department

Square celebrations promote a friendly, hometown feel in The Villages and encourages a more active lifestyle with an avenue for participants to showcase their talents. We have enjoyed the square celebrations immensely and have always looked forward to them. 

One of the reasons we decided to buy in The Villages, was to enjoy an active lifestyle in our retirement years. After witnessing the Aloha ‘O Ka Hula troupe performing, I made it my goal to learn to Hula and perform with them. I began practicing with the troupe shortly after moving here in May 2018. This Troupe has been together for 10 years under the direction and choreography of Violet Ray. Performing in Hawaii, Las Vegas, on cruises, Tennessee, and in The Villages, of course, at the Savannah Center and various events, their reputation is widely known and appreciated.

The Aloha ‘O Ka Hula Dance Troupe performs at a tree lighting ceremony at the square.

Members of our troupe practice for as much as a year or more before being invited to dance with the troupe publicly. There are people, inside and outside of The Villages, who follow the performances of the troupe. Our practices are held on Sunday and Monday afternoons, with longer three-hour practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mardi Gras was going to be the very first square celebration of which I had finally earned a spot. Many of my friends were looking forward to cheering me on during my very first performance.  

Aloha ‘O Ka Hula Dance performs for the crowd at Mardi Gras in 2014.

I, along with all of The Villages residents and prospective buyers would like to know the intentions of The Villages Entertainment Department.

Rhonda House of the Village of Piedmont.