‘A Doll’s House Part 2’ tells story of woman standing up for her rights

Don Simson

“A Doll’s House Part 2” by Lucas Hnath, now playing at The Hippodrome Theater in Gainesville, is a continuation of Ibsen’s original “Doll House.”

Nora (Tess Hogan)  has returned, after 15 years absence, as a liberated successful author of books for women. The books provoke women to stand up for their rights and not be chattel, as society dictates, circa 1905 and feels that in 20 to 30 years women will have equal rights and advantages.

A “Doll’s House Part 2” is now playing at The Hippodrome Theater in Gainesville.

Nora wants to finalize the divorce she thought was done years ago because she is being blackmailed by a judge for fraud. Married women are not allowed, under current times, to do business or sign contracts and her wealth will have to be given entirely to her husband. After discussing with the maid, Anna Marie (Sara Morsey), to help her convince husband Torvald (Craig Heidenreich) to file the divorce, Nora meets with avid resistance and also finds out she has been declared dead, although there is no death certificate.

Finally, Nora meets her grown daughter, Emmy (MaRah Williams), who is aware of the situation and offers to forge a death certificate. All comes to a head in a most masterful and dramatic  production of humor, drama, tragedy and deception that needs to be seen.

The play will run through Feb. 3 and tickets can be reserved at thehipp.org  (352-375-4477).

Villager Don Simson reviews local theater for Villages-News.com.