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The Villages
Monday, September 27, 2021

FBF 74’s placed second in FHC Absolute Fire’s Senior Shootout

Frankie Brin Financial (FBF) 74s traveled to Seminole County “Boombah” Sports Complex in Sanford, FL, to participate in the FHC Absolute Fire’s Senior Shootout.

Frankie Brin Financial placed second, in a three-team bracket, with a 2-2 record.

In the first game on Saturday, FBF won 16-8 over Fred’s Market. In the second game, FBF lost to Venom 11-9 in a tightly fought contest, but 3 double plays were too difficult to overcome.

On Sunday FBF lost to Venom 30-18. Defense was the culprit in this game. In the second game, FBF won 18-2 against Fred’s Market.

Leading hitters for Frankie Brin Financial, Carter Honkonen (.846) ITP HR (2), 2B, 11 RBI, Dick Kanyan (.833), Dave Mamuscia (.800) 3B (2), Dave Sellars (.786) 2B (3), 3B (2) 9 TBI, Ralph Hollis (.750) 3B, Bob Juhasz (.727) 3B (2), Rod Severson (.714) 2B, 3B (3), Roger Scott (.667) 3B, Tom McGann (.600) 3B (2), Carl McWilliams (.556), Gregg Foster (.500), & Ed Krisha (.500) 2B, 3B.

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