Villages District Office issues notice to pet owners in The Villages

The Villages District Office has issued a notice to pet owners here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

The notice, posted prominently on the District’s website, reads:

“Please be considerate of others and all properties. Dog owners are responsible for picking up after their pets. Please take all waste home for disposal. Do not use storm drains, postal or recreation facilities for disposing of solid waste or plastic bags. In addition, please follow all county ordinances including all dogs are required to be on a leash.”  

The notice addresses several longstanding and long-simmering issues in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown:

• Many residents are fed up with Villagers using postal stations as restrooms for their dogs. There are dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets and others who leave smelly poop bags behind in the trash cans at the postal stations.

• There are some dog owners who simply toss their pets’ poop bags down the storm drains. The problem with that is the poop bags are soon spotted floating in nearby retention basins.

A Villager recently sought treatment at an urgent care center after she was injured by a dog at the Atlas Canine Dog Park. Villagers have frequently complained about the poor quality of the dog parks.