Dr. Golden Hair – Episode 3 – Leadership at its finest

John Shewchuk

During our last harrowing episode of “Making America Healthy Again,” Dr. Golden Hair was able to stop the spread of the horrible Obamacare plague and has put in place a plan to make our health system even better than before.  Today, he continues his crusade against the climate change fanatics. Those climate radicals even had to change the name to Climate Change because they can’t decide if the world will end due to Global Warming or Global Cooling. Either way, Hollywood will undoubtedly cash in with an epic film called … “The Day the Earth Became Icy-Hot.” 

Fortunately, Dr. Golden Hair graduated from the prestigious school of logic and common sense. He might not know how to invent the Internet (like Al Gore) or hand-wipe a computer disk (like Hillary), but he does know that anyone who claims they can forecast climate changes years in advance is a fool.  Just ask yourself … how many times do you bank on a forecast even one year into the future?  Did you know that every climate model contains fudge factors, and none of those models can predict past climate changes?  Dr. Golden Hair appropriately pulled out of the Paris Climate fiasco. This is leadership at its finest.

Mother Nature will change our climate when she’s good and ready, whether it be hot or cold. In the meantime, Dr. Golden Hair is putting those climate funds to much better use with our new Space Force.  Citizens of America and the world are in great danger from mass extinction events, such as another impact of a large rogue asteroid – similar to the one that killed off the dinosaurs and other life forms.  We currently have no defense against this type of event.  Just like America won the fight in both world wars, it’ll again be America that will take the lead to save humanity — and the sooner the better. Stay tuned for another exciting episode of “Making America Healthy Again.”

Villager John Shewchuk is a frequent contributor to Villages-News.com