Appalling black mark stains success of The Villages

To the Editor:

Having lived here for 10 years, we have all seen The Villages growth skyrocket, very heavily lining the pickets of the developers. Good for them.
But only good if they keep up with the growth concerning hospital care.
We all hear stories again and again about Villagers negative experiences at The Villages Hospital. Many of my friends feel the need to drive out of our bubble if hospitalization is necessary. There is no imaginable reason for this to have to be this way.
Messages to The Villages developers and owners: this is an appalling situation … a black mark on their real success. We Villagers DESERVE an OUTSTANDING hospital experience in America’s Friendliest Hometown (which is no longer a small town and more like a big city). Pour a little of those millions you rake in, to invest in more nursing care, top notch doctors, and an emergency room that isn’t treating us as we all well deserve. Wait times in the ER and for being transferred to a hospital bed from the ER are unconscionable. Shame on you as you sit back and reap all the money pouring in to your pockets on a daily basis. Show us you really care. It’s way over due.

Paulette Lebowitz
Village of Bridgeport at Miona Shores