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Monday, May 27, 2024

Officials hoping to provide some relief in parking war at Fenney Putt & Play

Officials are hoping to provide some relief in the ongoing parking war at Fenney Putt & Play.

Village of Fenney residents who live near the incredibly popular facility have been putting up “No Parking” signs in their front yards in an effort to stop cars from filling up the street. Fenney Putt & Play only provides for golf carts. The vast majority of Villagers cannot reach the isolated village by golf cart. They are supposed to park at a nearby recreation center. The walk to Fenney Putt & Play is about a half mile. Many Villagers have said the long walk is too much for them, particularly in the summer heat.

A homeowner uses orange cones, a No Parking sign and flags to dissuade would-be parkers in the Village of Fenney.

The Community Standards office in The Villages recently received a deed compliance complaint about 10 of the “No Parking” signs at homes near Fenney Putt & Play.

“As the District is not yet responsible for deed compliance in this area, we take the complaint and provide it to the Developer’s representative,” said Carrie Duckett, who has oversight of the Community Standards office.

A car is parked in a golf cart slot at Fenney Putt & Play.

However, Wildwood officials are drafting an ordinance that would give Wildwood police the authority to enforce parking restrictions on those streets near Fenney Putt & Play.

The first reading of the proposed ordinance is set for April 8.

“We believe the passage of this ordinance will solve the problem of people parking their vehicles on city rights of ways,” said Wildwood City Manager Jason McHugh.

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