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Village of Fenney residents fight back in parking war at Putt & Play

Betty Newman got a hole-in-one at Fenney Putt & Play.

Village of Fenney residents are fighting back in a war over parking spaces near the incredibly popular Fenney Putt & Play.

Fenney Putt & Play is the very first professionally designed putting course developed in The Villages. Residents can practice their short-game on two challenging and fun nine-hole putting courses. An island in the heart of The Village of Fenney, Fenney Putt & Play also features open greens for lawn bowling and croquet, as well as a waterside walking trail.

It’s irresistible. In fact, it’s too irresistible.

But there is a problem. Not enough parking for cars.

Riley Riggenbach,  granddaughter of Barbara and Bob Rutkowski of the Village of Hadley, got a hole-in-one at Fenney Putt & Play.

So with Fenney only accessible by golf cart to those who live in Fenney, traveling by golf cart is not an option for the vast majority of Villagers.

Debbie Murphy of the Village of Santiago, in a recent Letter to the Editor, described her frustration with the notion of being forced to park at a recreation center and walk a half a mile, just to play at Fenny Putt & Play.

“It made us, along with other people we talked to, feel like this is supposed to be a Fenney-only recreation activity. Why are those of us from the north being penalized and made to walk?” she asked.

Villager Tom Brigham, at a February Project Wide Advisory Committee question-and-answer session described parking at Fenney Putt and Play as “woefully inadequate.”

So imagine finding your “dream home” on cozy little Abney Avenue across from the Fenney Putt & Play. Last year a home on that street sold for $452,800.

Sadly, the most popular lawn ornaments at the homes near Fenney Putt & Play are orange cones and “No Parking” signs.

Check it out:

A homeowner in the Village of Fenney has “No Parking” signs in the front yard.
A homeowner uses orange cones, a “No Parking” sign and flags to dissuade would-be parkers in the Village of Fenney.
A sign advises there is “No Parking” at a home near Fenney Putt & Play.
A frustrated homeowner has put up a “No Parking” sign at a home near Fenney Putt & Play.

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