Supervisors’ ‘sympathy’ for disabled veteran not too convincing

To the Editor:

As a Korean War Vet (Pusan, Korea 1953-1955), I am dismayed by your recent article (April 12) regarding the treatment afforded by the Board of Supervisors for Tim Hite’s reasoned rationale regarding the need to have pavers installed in his driveway for his cart.
The fact that they are “sympathetic” to his situation is in no way appropriate to his obvious need to do so not only because of convenience but because the man is a wounded war veteran who has difficulty in getting into his vehicle.
I am sure Tim did not have to ask about “Fair Housing Acts” when he was wounded on the battlefield to protect the supervisors’ freedoms as well as the others involved in the decision. I think a way to resolve this, would be for the supervisors et al to defend their decision before the 7,000 members of the VFW.

Tony Battaglia
Village of Alhambra