Floridians deserve the best sunscreen available

To the Editor:

As business and health care leaders, we understand and underscore the importance of sunscreen, especially high SPF sunscreen, to help prevent skin cancer.
Every hour in the United States, someone dies from Melanoma. Here in Florida, we work, live and play outdoors, so from all the industry professionals who work outside to our youth on the sports field, we are all at risk of skin cancer and premature aging. The science on the importance of sunscreen is clear, and we applaud U.S. Senators Isakson, Alexander and Burr for sharing their concern that FDA’s proposed rule is creating consumer confusion regarding the safety of the effective sunscreens we’ve used for decades.
Floridians deserve, and truly need, the best broad band filters available. Sunscreen is safe, effective and part of a critical regimen for those of us living and visiting the sunshine state.

Julio Fuentes
President & CEO
Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce