RESTAURANT REVIEW: If you’re looking for a tasty lunch and great bagels we’ve got just the place

Have you been searching for a good bagel? We were and we happened across The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company at 514 U.S. Hwy. 27/441 in Lady Lake.

I’m originally from Brooklyn and have the fondest of memories going down the block to the bakery on Rockaway Parkway and getting a fresh bag of bagels in the morning. We’ve been hard-pressed to find a good bagel since leaving New York.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company is located at 514 U.S. Hwy. 27/441 in Lady Lake.

It’s true that it’s “all in the water.” The restaurant uses a custom filtration system that mimics the sparkling water used at real Brooklyn bakeries.

By using our proprietary water treatment system, known as ‘Brooklyn Water Works,’ Brooklyn Water Bagel can successfully replicate the natural composition of the water that flows through the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York into the homes of Brooklyn residents,” the eatery’s website says.

For those who are intrigued by this endeavor, the water tank is in clear view behind a glass wall to your right when you walk in the restaurant. You also can see the bakery operation and how the bagels are made.

From tasty bagels to delicious sandwiches to extra-yummy cookies, The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. in Lady Lake offers a great experience for diners.

The restaurant was clean and bright, the bagel baskets were full and the sweets case was being refilled as we came in. The dining area’s televisions mounted on the walls were broadcasting oldies and featured “The Honeymooners” while we were there.

The menu includes a variety of fresh bagels, as well as bagel sandwiches. I’m not a fan of the egg sandwiches, but the rest of the menu is pretty good.

I ordered the corned beef Reuben on rye bread with hash brown potato cakes and my lunch companion ordered the Turkey Rachel. This location no longer offers pastrami and the manager explained that it was a corporate decision due to the lack of demand.

It’s all about Brooklyn and the taste of the New York borough’s water at the bagel restaurant in Lady Lake.

Both sandwiches were served warm with a generous amount of meat and gooey cheese. They were absolutely delicious. The hash brown potato cakes, however, were very bland and I would recommend a pass on them.

The sweets counter had a fresh selection of muffins, pastries and cookies, including giant black-and-white cookies! We ordered the giant chocolate chip cookies and they tasted homemade.

The eatery has a really nice self-serve beverage station with a great selection of drinks, including seltzer and traditional egg cream. They also have a good iced coffee called Cubsta. The ice cubes are frozen coffee so it never gets watery as you’re drinking it.

Customers at The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. in Lady Lake can see the specialized water tanks, the ingredients and the bagel-making machinery at the restaurant.

The restaurant also is “pet friendly.” There are patio table outside on the left side of the building. They are comfortable and have sun umbrellas to stay shaded.

Our overall experience was a pleasant one. The sandwiches did not disappoint and the cookies were delicious. We took home a bag of bagels on one of our previous visits and they were big, fresh and tasty.

You can take a look at the restaurant’s menu by clicking HERE.