Man headed to drug court after caught with THC oil in roofing company’s truck

Joshua Aldana

A 32-year-old Belleview man is heading to drug court after he was caught with THC oil in the truck of a roofing company.

Joshua Aldana was suspected of making more than 100 unauthorized charges on his company credit card, according to an arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. The name of the company was redacted from the report, however, on Aldana’s Facebook page he identified himself as a supervisor at Batterbee Roofing, which has an Oxford office.

The business representative decided to handle the theft case as a civil matter, the report said. The representative asked that Aldana turn over his company cell phone and keys to his company truck. A search of the truck turned up a vape pen and THC oil.

Earlier this month in Sumter County Court, Aldana pleaded no contest to a charge of possession of cannabis.

He has been ordered into drug court, a court-supervised, comprehensive drug treatment court for eligible non-violent defendants. The voluntary program involves numerous appearances before the drug court judge or magistrate, substance abuse treatment and frequent, random testing for substance abuse.