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Monday, December 5, 2022

Villager sentenced in golf cart DUI following arrest at town square

Phillip Elwell

A Villager will lose his driver’s license following a golf cart drunk driving arrest this summer at Lake Sumter Landing. 

Phillip Elwell, 51, will lose his driver’s license for six months and has been placed on probation for one year after entering a guilty plea to the charge of driving under the influence last week in Sumter County Court. He has also been ordered to perform 80 hours of community service.

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies were working security at a political rally July 13 at Market Square when a deputy noticed Elwell crossing from City Fire to Johnny Rockets not using the crosswalk, according to an arrest report. Elwell swayed and staggered as he walked.

The resident of 537 St. Andrews Blvd. on the Historic Side of The Villages got into a black golf cart, put the key into the ignition and started to back up.

A deputy approached the Anchorage, Alaska native and asked if he had been drinking. Elwell said he had been drinking beer at City Fire, where he met a couple from England who purchased his drinks. Before performing field sobriety exercises, Elwell said he had neuropathy in both of his feet. He lost his balance several times during the exercises. He refused to provide a breath sample.

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