Three nabbed on drug charges in rental truck at Wildwood shopping center

A homeless woman who was once arrested when her three-year-old child crossed six lanes of traffic to get to a pancake eatery and two men from out of state – all of whom were in a rental truck outside a Wildwood business – were arrested early Friday morning.

A Wildwood police officer spotted the Penske rental truck parked outside the Cricket Wireless store at 312 Shopping Center Drive shortly after 2:30 a.m. The truck was running, its parking lights were on and the rear door was facing the store, which has been burglarized several times in the past, a Wildwood Police report states.

Carlissa Jarrica V. Mooney, Lewis Lacoy Thomas and Myron Jermal Thomas

The officer smelled the odor of burnt marijuana as he approached the truck and then made contact with 40-year-old Myron Jermal Thomas, who was moving around inside the vehicle’s cab. The officer asked him to exit the vehicle and he said there were two others – Carlissa Jarrica V. Mooney and Lewis Lacoy Thomas, both 31, inside the back of the truck.

All three were detained and officers found:

  • A plastic baggy containing a green leafy substance in a compartment above the driver’s seat;
  • A burnt cigarette containing a green leafy substance on the right front passenger floorboard;
  • A green backpack in the rear of the truck that contained a clear plastic baggy with a green leafy substance inside it;
  • A black sunglasses case holding several vaporizer pens with a thick yellow substance inside them;
  • An open cigarette pack containing a clear plastic baggy with a brown rock substance inside it;
  • A $20 bill with a brown powdery substance on it; and
  • A clear plastic container under a pink bra that contained a multi-colored smoking pipe with a burnt green residue.

The green leafy substances and residue field-tested positive for marijuana. The yellow substance tested positive for TCH oil. And the brown rock and powdery substances tested positive for heroin, the report says.

After being read her rights, Mooney told officers she escorted the Thomases to the shopping center area to purchase Molly and marijuana. She said the pink bra and all the items located near it belonged to her, the report says.

Lewis Thomas said one of the substances officers found was Molly and admitted that it belonged to him. He was able to tell officers the exact location where the drug was found, the report says.

Myron Thomas admitted that the marijuana and THC oil belonged to him. He also was able to tell officers the exact location where the drugs were found, the report says.

All three suspects were then transported to the Sumter County Detention Center. Mooney, who is homeless, was charged with possession of heroin and drug equipment and held on $1,500 bond. Lewis Thomas, of Orangeburg, S.C., was charged with charged with possession of heroin and drug equipment and held on $6,000 bond. Myron Thomas was charged with possession of a controlled substance, marijuana not more than 20 grams and drug equipment. He was released late Friday afternoon on $4,000 bond.

Mooney is no stranger the Sumter County legal system, having been arrested for child neglect in December 2017 when her child crossed six lanes of traffic on State Road 44 to get to the IHOP Restaurant in Wildwood. The boy was wearing a yellow T-shirt and nothing else. He could provide his first name but not his last name and indicated he had come from a hotel on the other side of State Road 44.