Former VHA president appointed to seat on VCCDD Board of Supervisors

Doug Tharp

A former president of the Villages Homeowners Association has been appointed to a seat on the Village Center Community Development District Board of Supervisors.

Villager Doug Tharp won the appointment Wednesday, based largely on the recommendation of outgoing VCCDD Supervisor Arthur Rowe.

Rowe submitted a letter of resignation last month, indicating he would be stepping down due to “health reasons.”

Three of the board’s five members were present Wednesday – Board Chairman Steve Kurtz, Peter Evans and Robert Chandler IV and voted to accept Rowe’s recommendation.

Arthur Rowe

“That recommendation carries a lot of weight,” Kurtz said.

He also paid tribute to Rowe’s service on the board.

“He did a great job as our vice chairman for a number of years and he will be missed. That is something we need to have in the record,” Kurtz said.

Tharp, 84, is a resident of the Village of Summerhill. He served in the U.S. Navy and attended Penn State University.

Evans was named the VCCDD Board’s vice chairman.