Musical adaptation of ‘Christmas Carol’ will entertain adults and children

Don Simson

A refreshing new look at a traditional holiday standard, Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” the musical, is worth driving to Eustis. With a cast of 25 in full period attire and impressive English and Cockney accents, this is a play to be seen and enjoyed.

The major characters are strikingly well cast to perform and sing their parts for a well entertained audience. With a small stage, the sets are exceptionally well-adapted to quick change from street scenes, Scrooge’s office, the bedroom and several locations during the three ghost visits.

The cast of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol.’

This adaptation certainly deserves a trip to the State Theater of Eustis to start the holiday season.

The solos and ensembles blend well and the music really enhances the action.

The use of a narrator fills in some of the story’s blank spots and allows for the unique scene changes. The play runs through Dec. 15.

Ticket information is available at or (352) 357-7777. A play for all the family. Bring the children and grandchildren.

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