We are at a dangerous crossroad

Dennis Petrucelli

How one answers to the moral question is predictable as to how they will answer to empirical one.  We would  improve the value of our responses if we could vow to, admit to our implicit biases and remove them, to suss out the manifest corruption that surrounds and hinders our lives and hides the self-interest of others, to be partial to impartiality and most importantly steadfastly apply the same standard of conduct concerning all questionable actions?

If we could, adherence to the facts would always prevail and demand that in today’s political forum we would want the Biden question answered as much as we have the Russian-Ukraine collusion allegation. We would want the corruption of elected politicians, permanent bureaucracy intelligence services, judiciary and media exposed and made to stop. We would react openly and objectively to questions of process or policy instead of launching invective’s and assaults on character.  We would admit that we are tired of politically correct speech codes and protected classes for whom there can be no consequences.  Nor to accept equal opportunity rules and policies that are clearly out- dated, overused and abused.  We would want the basis for opportunities returned to a meritocratic system. We would admit that all political scandals are fights for political power and our responsibility as voters is to fairly and objectively assess the validity of any allegations before forming an opinion, and especially before taking any action.  We would want the craziness of those seeking legitimacy highlighted in plain sight.  We would want the objective record of this administration fully and fairly disseminated by the media instead of its usual mendaciousness.  We would start by remembering James Carville’s defining presidential marker “It’s the economy stupid,” and then acknowledge that the present administration has not only met but exceeded this economic marker.

Unfortunately, we have an element which cast a shadow over this nation and who are in powerful and influential positions and place their self- interests first to the exclusion of all others.  They embrace a dark nihilistic view of this nation where they describe those they hate, as those deplorables clinging to their guns and religion.  In the past the majority viewed this nation as complex and challenging, but ultimately redemptive demonstrating that through property rights, free markets, hard work and determination fulfillment always won over the inevitable fatalism of socialism. And yet, this element is making a Faustian bargain with socialist and socialism solely because they are positioned not be affected by such change. They proceed with an agenda of high abstractions, false claims of economic justice to stir up the masses and global movements because they benefit economically from it all. They have been taught that to be patriotic is naïve.  They were never taught what is admirable in America, even noble and that nationalism is the binding agent for our diverse cultural. Instead, they have been projecting a dismal view of America and passing it on from one generation to the next. 

Who is this element? They go by limousine liberals, the 1 percent, public intellectuals, the ruling class, entertainment and sports elite and the political class, including those deeply embedded in Administrative State. They work on Wall Street, are leaders in the media industry, academia and high-profile corporations. In essence they are the self-appointed liberal elite.   

They complain about the grim state of the world which they define as populism, nationalism as opposed to globalism, climate deniers and the unsophisticated. Yet these materially privileged, for example, ignore the state of the economy and the record-breaking bull market which would easily add another house or yacht to their investment portfolio and provide further opportunity to ensure their offspring always attend one of the exclusive Ivy League schools.

The self-appointed academic intellectuals, to maintain control, entertain students urging along their grasps at superficially attractive ideas and fads of the moment aided by promotion from the mainstream media.  Academic facility acquiesces to their concerns of being offended providing them safe spaces under the banner of political correctness, including sanitizing and re-writing educational material in order to avoid the possibility of offending any group.  So despondent is this element about the state of homeland that they believe that it won’t exist much longer as we go headlong into a self- inflicted ecological cataclysm.  Hollywood is said to mimic real life.  If this premise is true then look no further to the countless number of movies, television series and story lines presented in a childish video-game fashion that are predicated on an ecological disaster.

Subjects such as sex education, which belong in the family have been delivered into the hands of educators and others who transmit them without a hint of concern of usurping authority which is not theirs, or offending anyone, nor ultimately weaken parental authority and worse yet of permanently damaging young minds.   

They have expanded and fashioned this agenda, exclusively, to their political ideology and exceeded their rights and authority by indoctrinating young minds on the matter of homosexuality and gender identity, ignoring other points of view.  This is clearly an ethical breach, and a poor attempt at presenting it as a learning opportunity.  It is more in a series of ethical breaches whose sole purpose is to indoctrinate young minds toward their political agenda and inserted as to appear as a legitimate school curriculum. Academia has set a low bar of overall literacy in our school as students are pushed through, from grade to grade, graduation to graduation, as a bureaucratic function, regardless of their ability. The target isn’t in producing rational thinking people but marketing for profit and cultural diversity prestige.   

These enemies of democracy are also well aware that religious freedom has led democracy movements in many countries.  Religious freedom is the key condition of prosperity and security and is at the center of every nation’s human rights activism, highlighting the central premise that the essential dignity of every human being matters. The ability of every person to follow his/her conscience is the basic right from which all others flow.  It establishes that no state, political party or social movement has the right to tell human beings what they can or cannot believe.  And yet, even in our enlightened society, to many advocates of gay rights and abortion, religion is an opponent to defeat rather than a partner to protect, forgetting the millions around the world who suffer because of their desire to practice their faith.

The ingenuity underlining the framing of a question to deceive is found, as an example in the framing of “hate crimes.” Aren’t all crimes, committed, on the basis of hate, a hate crime?  Why the dissimilar and unequal criminal, civil and social treatment, for people who burn the rainbow flag as opposed to those who would burn an American flag?  Why does burning a rainbow flag promote more moral outrage than burning an American flag?  When it comes to crime irrespective of whether the victim is black, white, Christian or Jew shouldn’t due process and equal justice be applied? Doesn’t the limited definition of hate crimes carry us just one step closer to punishing people for allegations of thought crimes?  Indeed, in this light the psychology pushed to demand so many to dwell on iniquities they haven’t committed and to express repentance they don’t feel is to create division.  America may have a complicated past but self-hatred has no place in it.  We are at a dangerous crossroad as America ridden with sophism emanating from the aforementioned unserious leaders, inventing guilt or goals they campaign on but never intend to achieve. Logic leads to objectivity and objectivity is the foundation which continues to shape our independence leading to our individual liberty.

Dennis Petrucelli is a resident of the Village of Bonnybrook and a frequent contributor to Villages-News.com.