New computer

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

It seems today that one of the big events in life comes when you end up with a new computer.  It is not necessarily a good experience, but it is an experience especially when you have just moved into a downsized apartment.  First, let me mention that for a number of years I have had a very nice computer that obeyed my every command – well most of them.  Therefore, I happily did what I wanted – mostly.  However, there were forces out there that were working to change my cozy computer life.

The Blonde in the house was certain that the computer was evil incarnate, and that it was archaic with too many cords and plugs all over the place. Then, our eldest son came and agreed with her.  So, he purchased for us one of the All-in-One computers that has one plug and everything works with no visible wires, cords etc. Luckily, our son did not think that my technical abilities were sufficient for me to install the new computer so he arranged for professional installation from a famous group of Geeks. (He has known me for a long time).

The Geek assigned to us showed up at the appointed day and time.  He went to work, clicking this and that while making certain that the programs and saved material that I needed would be switched to the new austere computer. It is white and silver – very modern which the rest of the area isn’t but it has no cords! He was going a mile a minute so I went in and read the paper until he was ready to explain things.  That happened after some time, and he explained some key points. He even showed The Blonde. He left and all was good.  Then, The Blonde asked me to make a birthday card for her brother.  Now, it is well known that I am a great card maker.  One place we lived had a non-profit area where they sold things to aid the needy.  Since there were a great number of elderly people in the vicinity, there were laments that they could not find birthday cards that listed ages like 90 or 95.  Therefore, I made some with varying ages from 90-100. They sold them so I made some more – it was most likely the only place in creation where you could buy such cards.

In any case, I went in where the new computer sat waiting in its austere splendor.  As you can imagine the card program was not there with an icon to click.  However, since I can be persistent, I searched found it in some files which I then clicked and was given permission by the tech world to reinstall. True, some saved cards were gone, but that was no big deal.  I then pursued my goal of making a card for The Blonde’s brother.  When I make a card for friends and relatives, I put an older photo of them on the back along with a pithy (hopefully) comment.  Unfortunately, I soon found that the many photos from the old computer were nowhere around.  I searched files but with no luck.  Oh, woe!

Everything was not lost though as I called the big Geek office and explained the problem.  A nice lady told me not to worry that they would find it for me, and I would not even have to go back to the store.  She sent me up another level.  I talked to the gent there who sent me up another level where a very competent lady found one group of photos almost immediately.  For some reason I had two groups on the old computer, it took her some time to find the second group, but she did so all was well.  When the geek who did the transfer between the two computers finished, he took the hard drive out of the old one.  He said to keep it awhile in case I needed to transfer something, and then I could hit with a hammer.  That hard drive is the heart of my good old computer. 

Hitting the poor thing is not going to be easy!

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