Troll ladies in golf cart anger Villager who must tear out 15-year-old landscaping

A Villager appealed to the Community Development District 5 Board of Supervisors on Friday morning claiming he was targeted with an anonymous complaint by the infamous  “troll” ladies in a golf cart with a clipboard.

Thomas Rinker of 1462 Pelican Path in the Village of Sunset Pointe said he spent about $4,000 to put in landscaping 15 years ago on property he believed was under his ownership.

Several months ago, an anonymous complaint was received alleging he put the landscaping in the Sumter County right of way. Rinker claims he was unfairly targeted by the trolls who made the anonymous complaint. The complaint was verified by Community Standards.

This landscaping will have to be removed after an anonymous complaint.

“I paid $4,000 to put it all in. Now I have to take it out. I cannot afford it. I will have to take it out myself,” Rinker told the supervisors.

Rinker and his wife, who are from Pennsylvania, bought their home in 2005 for $213,100.

Rinker said he did not realize he had put the landscaping in the county’s right of way. He said his Properties of The Villages sales agent did not explain the limitations when he purchased his home in the deed-restricted community.

“This should be explained when you buy a house in The Villages,” Rinker said.

He said he has since documented numerous other violations in The Villages, including several in the Bridgeport areas of The Villages.

Supervisors were sympathetic, but agreed that Martin would have to remove the landscaping from the county’s right of way, thanks to the complaint.

“We’ve all been through this. You’re just so happy when you buy your new house. You sign all those papers,” said Supervisor Walter Martin.

A Community Standards representative said residents should always check before doing work at their homes and make sure they follow the proper procedure in applying to the Architectural Review Committee.