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Friday, July 12, 2024

Governor creates pathway for 30,000 inmates to reintergrate into society

We applaud Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has announced the creation of the Florida Foundation for Correctional Excellence.

This Florida Department of Corrections direct support organization will bring together public and private partners to increase investment in re-entry programs and workforce training.

During the next year, approximately 30,000 inmates will re-enter Florida’s communities. Providing an organized and streamlined transition from prison to community is essential for rehabilitation and integration.

Working with businesses, non-profit organizations and community leaders, FFCE is designed to promote innovative and effective career readiness and community re-entry programs within Florida correctional institutions. It will enhance opportunities for Florida inmate re-entry, job training programs, online and classroom academic training and wellness programs.

To support programs and re-entry efforts, the foundation will unite public and private entities to publicize needs, seek resources and donations and encourage philanthropic giving.

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