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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Sumter County incumbent pours $5,000 into his own campaign fund

Don Burgess

An incumbent Sumter County commissioner has poured $5,000 of his own money into his campaign fund.

Don Burgess, a resident of the Village of Bonnybrook, is seeking re-election to the commission seat in District 3. He filed paperwork Feb. 3 indicating he would be seeking another term.

Burgess on Feb. 5 wrote a $1,000 check to his campaign and that same day loaned his campaign an additional $4,000, according to the Sumter County Supervisor of Elections.

During February, Burgess collected $100 contributions from former Villages District Manager Pete Wahl, as well as Villagers Nancy Wood and Ron and Connie Kaissling. He also received a $100 campaign contribution from Neil and Helen Funnel of Hilton Head, S.C. Burgess received a $50 campaign contribution from former VHA President Doug Tharp, who now serves on the Village Center Community Development District Board of Supervisors. Burgess also received $50 from Villager Mary Wierenga and $20 from Villager Lois Schaefer.

Burgess has a total of $5,520 in his campaign treasury.

Burgess will face fellow Villager Craig Estep in the Aug. 18 GOP primary. Estep has raised $930.

Sumter County commissioners earn $58,907 per year.

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