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Polo Field COVID-19 testing time slots gone instantly

To the Editor:

Monday after having driven over to the Polo Field, being sent home to secure an appointment, finally finding a link in Villages-News.com, there was a message that no time slots were available.  I woke up early, filled out the form just before 8a.m., and it came back to do that after 8 a.m.
I had to refill out the questions and immediately submitted it with a time slot choice.  It said that it was taken … pick another one. Then a message came up saying no more were available.
Obviously, time slots filled up immediately as there are a limited number being done each day. With all of the people that are here, I’m sure many others are having a similar experience. It’s so discouraging. Will there be more availability? It’s hard getting through to two doctors’ offices I’ve tried — they’re SWAMPED, and I don’t know that they have tests to do there or how many and WHEN a patient could get in.
No one wants to swamp the hospitals and ER’s, which have requested NOT coming in unless an EMERGENCY,  so we need more options .. and quickly. It’s just starting to hit us more in this area right now.

Priscilla Maday
Village of Briar Meadow South

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