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Bicyclists should stay to the right

To the Editor:

Florida law defines the bicycle as a vehicle and grants it all the rights and responsibilities of other vehicles using the roadways. If there is a legal bicycle lane provided, you MUST use it.
When is a traffic lane shareable? Staying too far right on a roadway invites motor vehicles to pass you where they should not. The math is simple …. many county roads are 11 feet wide (including The Villages). The space needed to ride most bikes is 3 feet minimum, plus the legislated 3 foot safe passing distance, and the average width of a car is between 6.5 and 7.5 feet. 3+3+7.5 = 13.5 feet.  In the absence of bike lanes take your share of the travel lane.
Per Dave Lawrence article … While math and rules may work on paper they do not take into consideration texting or drivers under the influence. While on Warm Springs Avevnue yesterday a single rider was nearly centered in the right lane of a 45 mph road. Any driver not alert could have easily ran into him and ended his life. Yes, you have right to the lane but staying to the right seems a lot safer in my book.

Ralph White
Village of Fenney

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