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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Villager troubled by lack of masks in Villages restaurant

To the Editor:

We had dinner recently in one of the better seafood restaurants and were very distressed to see that, even though the restaurant had gone to great lengths to create a comfortable COVID-safe environment for their guests, we were very troubled to see that some of the guests showed little regard for the staff as well as other diners in the restaurant.
In the one hour we spent in the restaurant somewhere between 30-40 people walked into the restaurant “without masks” and proceeded to the host’s desk  (getting between 1-2 feet from the receptionist) and proceeded  to carry on a conversation with the hosts.
Now we all know that the masks come off when we get to our table and eat. What really bothers me is the “uncaring insensitivity” that people like those I mentioned above showed to both the staff as well as others in the reception area.
This whole “mask thing” has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with being caring and sensitive about the health of others. Not wearing a mask in an environment like the public areas of the restaurant doesn’t show that your independent or “macho.” It just shows that you apparently “don’t give a damn” about other people’s health.

Ken Stubbs
Village of Hillsborough

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