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Monday, September 27, 2021

Two action-packed games highlight first week of Central Florida League tourney

The first week of softball tournament action in the Central Florida League is in the books after two action-packed tilts.

Paul Davis Restorations defeated Palm Ridge Dental 21-16, while Synergy Wealth squeaked past Softball’s R Game, 10-9.

Here are the box scores from each game:

Paul Davis Restorations 21, Palm Ridge Dental 16

  • Paul Davis Restorations 105 545 1-21
  • Palm Ridge Dental 415 123 0-16
  • Winning pitcher: John Ashby. Losing pitcher: Neil Marple.
  • 2B: Paul Davis Restorations (Paul Brocato, Greg Quattlebaum, Ashby). Palm Ridge Dental (Charlie Clare, Chris Iorio, Mike Gillen).
  • 3B: Paul Davis Restorations (Don Brozick 2, Brocato). Palm Ridge Dental (Iorio, Steve McMahon, Marple).
  • HR: Paul Davis Restorations (Brozick).
  • 4 hits: Paul Davis Restorations (Brozick, Don Mulniex). Palm Ridge Dental (Gillen).
  • 6 RBI: Paul Davis Restorations (Brozick).
  • 4RBI: Palm Ridge Dental (Iorio).
  • 3RBI:  Paul Davis Restorations (Mulneix). Palm Ridge Dental (Gillen).

Synergy Wealth 10, Softball’s R Game 9

  • Softball’s R Game 003 501 0-9
  • Synergy Wealth 421 021 X-10
  • Winning pitcher: Tim Carroll. Losing pitcher: C.J. O’Neill.
  • 2B: Softball’s R Game (Ken Atkinson, Alan Zahn, O’Neill 2). Synergy Wealth (Rick Duemler, Jim White, Rick Fredieu, Carroll, Paul Christman).
  • HR: Synergy Wealth (Bob Kelly, White).
  • 4 hits: Synergy Wealth (Kelly).
  • 3 hits: Softball’s R Game (Zahm). Synergy Wealth (Fredieu, Art Anton).
  • 3RBI: Softball’s R Game (O’Neill).

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