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SECO making second owners in The Villages pay the price

To the Editor:

We are also having a problem with SECO. We also have to clear out plantings that have been here for 10 years. We are the second owners and have been here In this house for two years and all the plantings were here when we bought the house.
Our BIG problem is the 10-foot of clearance on one side.  There is only 7-feet to our house.
I called Sumter County building codes but they have no control over utilities.
I called Tallahassee Utility Commission. They do not have control over co-op utilities.  Then called SECO. Liz at SECO said that the utility puts in these transformers  before the builder builds the house. So the builder and The Villages put the house only 7 feet from the transformer. So what can we do?
We think it is a safety hazard but SECO only is worried about their workers and not homeowners.  We look out directly at the transformer from our kitchen eating area and the back of our house. Liz says that we can turn the cover of the transformer around 90 degrees to the tune of $3,000 – yes, count the zeros.And then our backyard neighbor would have to clear out a big palm tree and landscaping. Our neighbor has also received notification to take out a small wall and some plants.
SECO obviously let 10 years go by with violations and now second owners are paying the price. Don’t know what we can do but I will have to find some way to block the awful view.

Margie Van Horn and Fred Gates
Village of Buttonwood

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