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‘Environmental accident’ leaves widow with hard-to-sell home in The Villages 

An “environmental accident” at a pond at a golf course has left a widow in The Villages with a home that has been difficult for her to sell.

Paul and Linda Loughlin bought their courtyard villa in 2004 in Villa Berea in the Village of Polo Ridge. They enclosed their lanai and turned it into a very large Florida room with windows that look out onto the retention bond at the Stirrup Cup Golf Course.

Linda Loughlin is hoping to sell her home in Villa Berea.

Paul Loughlin died in 2018 and his widow has decided to downsize. She put the villa on the market and received two offers, but both potential buyers said they would not buy the home due to the condition of the retention pond, which has become overgrown near the Loughlin home.

Linda Loughlin went to Glenview Country Club and learned there had been an “environmental accident” which accelerated the growth of foliage in the section of the pond close to her home.

The red arrow points to the location of the Loughlin home.

Community Development District 3 Supervisor Gail Lazenby advised her to contact District Property Management with her concern.

“First, she was told that the pond was not District 3’s responsibility, and thus not District Property Management’s problem,” Lazenby said.

“The next thing she was told: the pond has always been the way it is now. Well that’s a bald-faced lie. When the pond was appropriately maintained, we saw all types of wildlife. It’s all gone because of the overgrowth. Mrs. Loughlin is obviously quite upset. She has two viable offers for her home, but neither potential buyer will act while the retention bond remains as it is,” he said.

Lazenby said the pond is the responsibility of CDD 3, although the golf course pays a “small” portion of the upkeep.

Lazenby has asked that the matter be added to the agenda for the CDD 3 Board of Supervisors meeting set for 11 a.m. Friday at Savannah Center.

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