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34 tunnels in The Villages will be brightened up to enhance safety

Thirty-four tunnels in The Villages will be brightened up to enhance safety.

The Project Wide Advisory Committee on Monday voted to spend more than $100,000 for pressure washing, sealer and gloss coating application of the tunnels on the multi-modal paths.

Last year, a tunnel under Buena Vista Boulevard behind Laurel Manor Recreation Center was pressure washed and white washed as a test case. It received rave reviews.

This tunnel behind Laurel Manor Recreation Center was significantly brighter after pressure washing and white washing last year.

The test case was initiated thanks to Community Development District 6 Supervisor Tom Griffith who raised the issue of dark tunnels as a safety concern. He described an incident in which he had a near-miss with a pedestrian in a tunnel. During informal conversations with residents of The Villages, Griffith found that many others had similar stories.

Of the 34 tunnels, 31 are budgeted to be completed in fiscal year 2020-21, and the remaining three tunnels are expected to be completed after Sept. 30, 2021. All of the tunnels are located south of County Road 466.

Lester Painting won the contract from a field of 13 bidders.

“I think the public is going to be very pleased when this is done,” said PWAC Chairman Peter Moeller.

Most of the work at the tunnels will be done at night to minimize the impact on residents.

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