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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Officials pleased with test of brightening up golf cart tunnel

Officials are pleased with a test project aimed at brightening up a golf cart tunnel.

The test took place at a tunnel that runs under Buena Vista Boulevard behind Laurel Manor Professional Plaza. The tunnel was pressure washed and then white washed.

The tunnel near Laurel Manor Professional Plaza prior to the brightening work.
This tunnel is significantly brighter after pressure washing and white washing.

Community Development District 6 Supervisor Tom Griffith raised the issue earlier this year as a safety concern. He described an incident in which he had a near-miss with a pedestrian in a tunnel. During informal conversations with residents of The Villages, Griffith found that many others had similar stories.

Griffith, at Monday’s Project Wide Advisory Committee meeting, said he is pleased with the outcome at the test tunnel.

He called it a “noticeable improvement.”

The cost of the project was about $3,500.

PWAC members weren’t ready to commit to the expense of similar work at all of the tunnels under its purview, south of County Road 466.

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