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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Villagers sick of unsightly view after blaze at golf maintenance facility

Villagers are sick of their unsightly view after a blaze nearly a year ago at a golf maintenance facility.

There are 12 homes in the Village of Buttonwood looking directly at the side of the Kingfisher maintenance building which was swept by fire on Jan. 18. A gas-powered golf cart was identified as the source of the blaze which gutted the building and destroyed a great deal of equipment owned by Brightview Landscape Co.

Shrubbery and landscaping have yet to be replaced after a fire at the Kingfisher golf maintenance facility.

The building had been beautifully concealed by landscaping. Now it’s an eyesore.

“We couldn’t see it six years ago. Now most of the shrubs and trees have died,” said Patricia Masters of the Village of Buttonwood.

She said that since the fire, everything that had been stored inside, is now outside.

This golf cart was destroyed in the blaze in January at the Kingfisher maintenance building.

Masters and her neighbors have begged for some kind of relief, but apparently those pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

“Our property value is effected. We are told what we can put in our yard, but where are the rules for their property?” she asked.

The facility is owned by Sumter Landing Community Development District.

An insurance claim was filed for the losses to the building through Preferred Governmental Insurance Trust, which is the SLCDD’s insurance carrier. After depreciation and a $10,000 deductible, the loss was valued at $87,652.79. An insurance reimbursement check was recently received for the damage.

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