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What a relief that this nightmare is coming to an end

To the Editor:

Finally, the transition to President-Elect Biden starts with the letter of ascertainment from GSA.
What a relief that this nightmare is coming to an end. Our debt has exploded in the last four years, the number of hate crimes in the country are at a peak, our alliances with partner countries are fraying, and the worst of all, having an American Passport is not a badge of honor in many countries now.
We are looking forward to a return to normal, federal agencies run by experts in that field, stopping giveaways to the top 1 percent, raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, as was approved in the referendum in Florida. Climate Change will be in the forefront of federal policy. And finally someone to address this deadly virus to bring back some semblance of control so that we can return to a “near normal way of life.”

Ash Marwah
Village of Belvedere

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