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Villages Democratic Club president says it’s time to take down Trump flags

The president of The Villages Democratic Club is telling her fellow Villagers it’s time to take down the Trump flags.

Chris Stanley issued a statement late Wednesday afternoon as Americans sat transfixed in front of their televisions watching Trump’s most ardent supporters storm the U.S. Capitol.

“This is an attempted coup. Nothing less,” Stanley said.

She said the aim of the men and women who took control of the U.S. Capitol was to overthrow the will of the people.

A Trump Make America Great Again flag was flying in the  Village of St. Charles.

“We have seen pictures and video just like this in other countries when regimes are toppled, and unelected governments are installed. We recognize that this is anarchy, insurrection, and sedition. Every American knows this. Every foreign government watching in horror knows this,” Stanley said.

She said The Villages, which welcomed President Trump to The Villages Polo Fields two weeks before the Nov. 3, election, needs to make a statement at this crucial moment.

“Take down your Trump flags. Stop giving your approval to a violent mob trying to bring the end of democracy. Stand up for American ideals and values. Put away your MAGA hat. Use your Trump shirt to wash your car. Take the signs off your golf cart. Put your American flag out. Stop donating to the anarchists and seditionists,” Stanley said.

She added that Villagers must stand up for what is right.

“This is wrong and you know it,” Stanley said.

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