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Villages official shows up without mask for government meeting at Savannah Center

A top official with The Villages showed up without a mask Monday morning for a government meeting at Savannah Center.

Ken Stoff of Fruitland Park serves as the treasurer for The Villages Holding Co. and is the Developer’s handpicked representative on the Brownwood Community Development District Board of Supervisors. He serves as Brownwood’s representative on the Project Wide Advisory Committee, which oversees amenities in The Villages south of County Road 466.

Ken Stoff did not wear a mask at Monday’s Project Wide Advisory Committee meeting at Savannah Center,

Stoff arrived for Monday’s meeting of PWAC at Savannah Center, where masks are “requested” to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. He has never worn a mask during PWAC meetings and does not appear to carry a mask with him.

Monday’s meeting is the first he has attended since October.

Of the 32 people at Monday’s meeting, Stoff was the only one not wearing a mask. Signs prominently displayed at Savannah Center make it clear that masks are requested in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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