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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

15 more local COVID-19 deaths as state reports more than 849,000 vaccines given

On the day when Florida reported that more than 849,000 people have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, 15 more residents succumbed to the virus and more than 16,000 new cases were reported across the Sunshine State.

So far, 849,317 residents have received the vaccines across the state. Of those, 769,765 are the initial doses and 79,552 are the second doses. The majority of the vaccinations – 508,223 – have been given to those 65 and older, a Florida Department of Health report states.

Ten of the latest fatalities lived in Lake County, four lived in Marion County and one was a resident of Sumter County. They are among the 1,004 tri-county area deaths, the 24,169 in Florida and the 391,279 across the country.

All told, Florida is reporting 1,548,067 cases – an increase of 16,875 from Thursday to Friday. Of those, 1,519,944 are residents. A total of 70,833 cases have been reported in long-term care centers and 28,132 in correctional facilities. Across the state, there have been 24,169 deaths and 67,463 people have been hospitalized.

A golf cart driver, right, waits his turn for a vaccination at the site near Buffalo Ridge Plaza in The Villages.

Locally, a total of 139 new COVID-19 cases were reported Friday in and around The Villages for a total of 11,149. Those include:

  • The Villages (Sumter, Lake and Marion counties) up 22 for a total of 2,983;
  • Leesburg up 38 for a total of 3,061;
  • Summerfield up 29 for a total of 1,344;
  • Belleview up 19 for a total of 912;
  • Lady Lake up 12 for a total of 1,099;
  • Fruitland Park up 9 for a total of 508;
  • Wildwood up 4 for a total of 778;
  • Oxford up 4 for a total of 370; and
  • Lady Lake portion of Sumter County up 94 for a total of 2.

Below is a breakdown of other COVID-19 activity in the local area:


  • Cases: 47,015 – increase of 634
  • Deaths: 1,004
  • Hospitalizations: 2,939


  • Cases: 6,265 – increase of 51
  • Deaths: 126
  • Hospitalizations: 421
  • Areas/cities with most cases: The Villages (2,800), Coleman (785), Wildwood (778), Bushnell (678) and Oxford (370).


  • Cases: 18,962 – increase of 209
  • Deaths: 349
  • Hospitalizations: 1,077
  • Cities with most cases: Clermont (4,960), Leesburg (3,061), Eustis (1,651), Mount Dora (1,424) and Tavares (1,390). The Villages also is reporting 122 cases.


  • Cases: 21,788 – increase of 374
  • Deaths: 529
  • Hospitalizations: 1,441
  • Cities with most cases: Ocala (16,048), Summerfield (1,344), Dunnellon (971), Belleview (912) and Citra (380). The Villages also is reporting 61 cases.

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