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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Open borders a good idea?

To the Editor:

Does anyone think that having our borders open to anyone who wants to enter our country is a good idea?
For the Democratic Party, it IS a good idea. The Democrats see these migrants as future Democrats.
I see them as a permanent tax burden; on many levels. First, we do not need any more people. We have hundreds of thousands already out of work and who are being supported by those of us who still work or pay income taxes from other sources. This influx of not-needed populations is already taxing our available housing for them. We then must also include, medical concerns, feeding, and clothing as well. Who is going to pay for all this unneeded expense? We, the taxpaying citizenry of the is country.
Yes, the Democratic Party leaders see this as a secure voting block for their party, however, it is a destructive force to those of us who have families, study, and work hard. The controlling force in this country, who is now in power, is destroying what this country possesses for its citizens. We need retroactive legislation to relocate those who have entered this country this year back across our borders.  Mexico must have its feet held to the fire to prevent future migrations through their country to our border. Time isn’t running out, it already has run out.

Joseph Kibitlewski, PhD
Spruce Creek South

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