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The Villages
Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Villages relying on two-year build-out extension granted by Gov. DeSantis

As the Villages of Southern Oaks continues adding multiple subdivisions on both sides of the Florida Turnpike, Wildwood commissioners Monday granted an extension of more than two years for build-out of the current development phase.

Commissioners also approved 10 plats for new subdivisions in three areas including the Village of Fenney, east of Warm Springs Avenue and north of the turnpike.

Build-out and expiration of the Southern Oaks construction permit now is Feb. 2, 2028, extended from Dec. 31, 2025. The state also reviews developments of regional impact like Southern Oaks.

The Villages is expected to nearly double in size over the next two decades. Development plans allow 60,449 homes in three areas south of SR 44 along with 17.8 million square feet of commercial space and 222,000 square feet of office and governmental space. North of SR 44, The Villages includes about 65,000 homes.

When construction is complete, The Villages will extend southward to State Road 48 at the city limits of Center Hill and into Lake County near Leesburg.

In a letter last month to Melanie Peavy, Wildwood development services director, planner Darrin Taylor of Carlton Fields wrote that the build-out extension is justified by executive orders from Gov. Ron DeSantis authorizing permit extensions due to the COVID-19 emergency over the past year.

“The property owners anticipate moving forward under the extended permit within the newly authorized time frame,” Taylor wrote. “We request that this notice and extension time line be recognized and confirmed by the city.”

Final plats were approved for Unit 74 with 143 homes; Unit 138 with 71 homes; Unit 139 with 45 homes; Unit 140 with 115 homes; and  Unit 141 with eight homes.

Also approved were plats for four Village of Fenney subdivisions including Sugarberry Villas with 58 homes; Palmetto Villas with 55 homes; Swallowtail Villas with 80 homes; and Unit 13 with 91 homes.

Commissioners also endorsed site plans for two medical offices, including the 5,067-square-foot Gabriel medical office on the south side of SR 44 and the 4,800-square-foot Novis medical office along Meggison Road, both east of Buena Vista Boulevard.

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