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Supervisors show keen interest in CDD 7 meeting on PWAC agreement

Supervisors are showing keen interest in a Community Development District 7 workshop later this month regarding the future of its relationship with the Project Wide Advisory Committee.

CDD 7 supervisors will meet in a special workshop session at 9 a.m. April 30 at Savannah Center. The meeting is open to the public.

Community Development District 6 Supervisor Peter Moeller, a member of PWAC and its former chairman, said Friday the workshop could be interesting.

“I would encourage attendance at that meeting,” Moeller said.

Other supervisors have also used their board meetings this week to advise attendance at the CDD 7 workshop.

PWAC met earlier this year and agreed to move forward with forming PWAC II for Community Development Districts 12 and 13 and other future CDDs south of State Road 44. Every CDD that is now part of PWAC must give its approval for CDD 12 to leave PWAC and become part of PWAC II.

CDD 7 supervisors see this as a rare opportunity to renegotiate their 20-year PWAC agreement, which supervisors now claim they approved under “duress.”

“The road to PWAC II runs through District 7,” said CDD 7 Board Chairman Jerry Vicenti.

He said the fundamental idea of PWAC remains sound. PWAC includes CDDs south of County Road 466 that pool their financial resources for upkeep and maintenance of infrastructure.

Vicenti’s longstanding beef is that PWAC serves in an advisory capacity to the Sumter Landing Community Development Board. That board is made up of supervisors who answer directly to the Developer. 

The members of the SLCDD Board are:

• Michael Berning, who lives at Glen Hollow Farms at the Morse family compound on County Road 466. He is a top executive at Properties of The Villages and was a star witness in a recent federal trial.

• Joseph Nisbett, long tied through Acorn Investments to the operation of country clubs in The Villages. He lives in Orlando.

• Brad Brown, who for many years headed The Villages Insurance.

• Gerry Lachnicht of Sabal Trust Company.

• Randy McDaniel, head of The Villages Charter School. He lives in Oxford Oaks.

Vicenti and his fellow CDD 7 supervisors are hoping they can successfully wrest some of the power away from the SLCDD board and put it into the hands of PWAC.

In addition to maintenance of infrastructure, PWAC is also empowered to oversee amenities south of County Road 466.

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