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Can you feel the burn?

John Shewchuk

Terry Hansen’s recent article, “Upgrade our infrastructure and protect the environment” is just another rehash of “the-earth-is-burning” propaganda.  Typical of all these articles is the lack of DATA, because data exposes their fraud.  Even when they SAY things are increasing like hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, etc … the DATA actually shows them decreasing. 

Notice that these alarmist articles no longer try to make forecasts like Al Gore or John Kerry did — both of whom predicted the Arctic ice would melt by 2013 and 2014, respectively. Alarmists learned to stopped making long-range forecasts, because no one on earth is able to do that — accurately.  This is because ALL the climate models are wrong. By insisting that CO2 (carbon dioxide) is driving global warming, they are essentially practicing digital alchemy — and they will always fail.

But back to DATA and CO2.  Let’s see just how much humans are heating up the planet — in three simple steps … 

1. Overall heating. Over the last 140 years (which is the period that contains reliable surface temperature data) the average annual temperature increase is only about 0.02 degrees Fahrenheit (F).    

2. The CO2 heating contribution. Remember that water vapor (and clouds) are the primary greenhouse heating gas, and they constitute about 75 percent of these gases. CO2 (and Methane, etc), however, only constitute about 25 percent of greenhouse gases. So, 0.02 X 25 percent = 0.005 degrees F annually.

3. Finally, the man-made CO2 contribution. Ever since the industrial age started, CO2 levels have increased about 30 percent. Most of the new CO2 is produced by nature and some by humans.  According to the official IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 2001 Report, Chapter 3, Figure 3.1 (page 188) shows that about 3 percent of atmospheric CO2 is human produced. The IPCC has never updated that value, but we’ll give the alarmists the inflation edge, and say it’s 5 percent. So, 0.005 X 5 percent = 0.00025 degrees F annually.

Conclusion: Based on the above data, the earth will warm about another degree Fahrenheit in about 4,000 years.  However, numerous recent studies by independent climate analysts reveal that many of the official surface temperature data records have been adjusted. These adjustments conveniently changed “cooling” temperature trends into “warming” temperature trends.  In other words, widespread fraud has been exposed. This means that the annual 0.02 degree overall warming trend may more likely be only 0.01 F per year or less. That means it may take about 8,000 years or so to increase earth’s temperature by 1 degree F. Can you feel the burn? 

John Shewchuk is a resident of The Villages and a frequent contributor to Villages-News.com.

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